Working with Other Professionals.

I have been doing some work with a Design friend of mine. We wanted to work together to expand portfolios, and to work with people outside our profession, designers and photographers have to work closely in studios etc. so why not start now. We decided to do a Vinyl cover as it could showcase both of our skill sets. This has also taken me back to the studio to do a portrait shoot, another thing to add to my portfolio or CV. Deciding upon the band CHURCHES because looking at their current covers and their music inspired some ideas for us. After the shoot we quickly decided to create the I worked closely with him and he treated my work with as much respect as I would myself. This also prepared me to have my photographs handled by someone else which seems unnatural, especially after being the only one to handle my photographs in the past. I hope to work with a designer again or perhaps anyone that can help to expand my knowledge of the professional world before it is upon me. Here is one of the photographs and one of the designs from this work.


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