FMP (Final Major Project).

Well, this is my last semester at university and so comes the final project, My project will be following on from a previous project and expanding upon it. The title for both projects together is ‘Muinntir an Àite’ which means ‘[The] Local People’ in Scots Gaelic, the first part which is already completed is called ‘Eisg is Dèosail’ which means ‘Fish and Diesel’  and this looked at the fishing industry on the Ross of Mull in the Hebrides. The second part ‘ ’S e Croitears a th’ Annainn’ (We are Crofters).

This part will look at crofting and the history of it. The history of crofting is still clearly visible in the ruins of the black houses and and the droving tracks that scar the landscape of the Hebrides.  I am also looking at some of the traditional uses for the land and what it has to offer. I am currently at home shooting for this project but today is far from an ideal day for heading out so catching up on a bit of editing. The first image below is a slight modernisation of the wool working in the Hebrides. All of the wool work would have traditionally been done in the township but now only a few steps of the job are done on location.


The next image is the start of a series of portraits that I am doing for this work, I have attempted portraits previously but they ended up looking far different from the rest of my work. So for this dos of work I am trying to approach the portraits with the same sensibility as everything else. Hopefully I can build up the portraits as so far I haven’t done many.


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