Galleries and Email.

Around the 20th of January I contacted three galleries in Scotland which I wont name, and I approached them in a different way. Previously I have been told to not just jump right into what I want, but instead to explain who I am and then say why I’m contacting them, previously though I did not get a reply.

However, this time around after speaking with some of my peers I decided that if I don’t ask for what I would like how will I get where I want to be. So, I just said ‘I am contacting you to enquire about showing you some of my work’ (there was information about myself after this) and two of the three galleries got back to me within two days.

One of the galleries requested work via email before a physical meeting, but sadly they have not yet got back to me so I shall suspect the worst and move on. The other, however, is still in touch with me and we were going to have a meeting in the next couple of weeks but, sadly they had to cancel and have asked to see some work, again, via email.

I feel like I have learnt (even in this short back and forth with the galleries) a lot, it is perhaps more admirable to just be straight up rather than beating around the bush. Now I shall leave to gather the work to submit to the gallery. I hope to be contacting more very soon.

Edit: The third gallery has replied and I will create a post about what I have to do for them in the near future.


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