Co-creation and Professionalisms.

To create the degree show we have been given different jobs and along with Caitlin Boak, I created the logo for Iris; Caitlin and I co-created the first version (with her doing most of the work) this original was plain and was used very early on in the creation of our fundraising etc. after some discussion we as a group decided to add some colour and refresh the logo, I worked on this and used social media to ask the rest of the group for ideas and we have ended up with the logo you see below.

Iris smaller

I hope that this renewal of the logo won’t have people forgetting who we are and with only a small alteration from the original I don’t think it does. Once this was created we could finally get on with creating flyers and posters, I have created the design for the card we have kept to our new blue logo style. After completing the very simplistic design I worked with Thomas Kiernan (a Graphic Designer also at our university) to work out any bugs within the card itself, he advised some neatened text and that the email and web address should be within the blue at the bottom and here we are.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 16.29.52

We have a craft fair on Sunday and we shall begin handing out cards there hopefully everyone gets the information they need.


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