CV Research: Part II.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.59.47

This is the second part of my CV research so I’m going to look at Experience and Emloyment.

Employment is one I have struggled with every time I fix/alter my CV, and I finally read something by Nottingham University that made me finally decide how to do it. Previously it described each part of the job: KP, Kitchen, Waiter, Barman, Housekeeper. It was just too much so I compounded it into a couple of sentences I am much happier with the way this has turned out.

I have also swapped the position of employment and experience to put experience first, this means that the more important things are closer to the top.

Experience was one that really made me realise that I need to do some more placements/work in my field so for now this section is not very good but I hope being in touch with Street Level and Fotospace will eventually pay out. This has also pushed me to really think about what I want to do.

It seems that photographers have some of the most boring CV’s; Designers and Illustrators can have fun but photographers can’t? I don’t like the idea of not being able to show creativity, I am a creative I should be able to show that in my CV, in the last part I will experiment with some different ideas for creating an exciting CV as a photographer.


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