Editing: Part I

Just today I have been introduced to something new, a way of editing that involves spending a lot of time with my photographs. Starting with the always faithful, contact sheet which helped me bring ~100 photographs down to ~50. So onwards from there have prints on roughly an A5 piece of paper, I may be over describing, find a wall big enough an just start sticking them up in the order you want them. Something I did which I would advise if you are also going to use this editing technique is, if you have a rough idea of the order you want say like a timeline or sections have that laid out. Mine vaguely follows a timeline so I had them out in rough chucks of time.

Over describing, this is early days and I hope that I will keep looking at them and seeing ones I dislike and others that I think should stand alone. I will add an edit shortly with how it goes.



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