I’ve been creating a book with a body of work called ‘Athair’ (Father, in Scots Gaelic), until a month ago it was naught but printed pages and an idea. Finally, though, I decided to have a go at finishing it. The work centres around me getting to know my father after him leaving home when I was at a young age, but really if you or anyone has a heretofore unknown father then they might relate to this work.

I’ll briefly explain its three sections:

Part I: The Object of Memory: Looks at objects from my fathers shed that I remembered from childhood.

Part II: The Shed: Looks at my father in his shed fixing and working.

Part III: The Boat: Looks at my father at work on his fishing boat.

Part I of this took place in the studio and I still had all of the objects that I photographed and so thats really where the look of the book comes from, I’ve used some of the photographed contents to create a hard, and fair chunky, book. It is a few minor adjustments from completion but all the meat is there.

Creating something from scratch and having such an good time creating this tactile, and for me quite special, item was fantastic. Something I will continue to pursue.





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