Transfers and Stencils.

The plain white wall doesn’t really appeal to me much so I am looking to give my images a sense of place on the wall. I hope to be able to achieve this by having a simple line on the wall outlining the coast where the photographs are taken.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 09.43.32

I have been searching for a place to make a stencil/transfer but so far my search is getting nowhere. Companies that make custom stencils seem to go up to around A2 and the ones that make transfers do text only in their custom builds (this only stands for the ones I searched through).

This could be a good thing as it may save me some money, I now plan to make my own stencil. Getting hold of a piece of paper/card the right size shouldn’t be too difficult, I can use cut offs from the studio backgrounds. I will be back with more news on this.


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