Editing: Part II

I think that sometimes when people think of editing they only think about photoshopping out cracks and flaws in a models face, but editing generally describes the whole process after taking the photographs and before the final prints. I confess that for my main projects I don’t really use photoshop or any other editing software to its full advantage (only playing with shadows/highlights/exposure) I find that if I do much more its very easy to see that I’ve tampered with my work and I’m a big fan of the photograph staying more or less how I took it.

This being part two of an editing post I will finish discussing my narrowing down of the final images, showing my final edit and a photograph of what I believe will be the final order of the photographs, showing the passing of time and the odd one out of time that doesn’t necessarily look out of time. I had great fun using this method, spending so much time with them it becomes easier to see the ones you don’t like and I’ve certainly come to dislike a few of my early favourites.



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