The Hebrides, the Future and my Final Major Project.

What lies beyond university for me is a bit of a mystery, but I’m trying to create some options and act upon them, I’ve already discussed being in touch with Street Level in Glasgow and my hopes for that, but I would also like to discuss where I’m from. After leaving the Ross of Mull it didn’t take me long to realise how special it ,and the Hebrides as a whole are. Over the last 18+ months I have become fascinated by the history of the place, the crofters and the fishermen, I would like to carry on exploring Hebridean history and specifically that of the Ross of Mull. My final major project is about my relationship to crofting now that I have left, how I see it,  how I saw it and how it is. I plan to volunteer at the local historical society when I return to Mull, I hope that this will increase my knowledge and help me expand on this last project even post university.


I have emailed the historical society and hope to hear back from them soon.


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