Tutorial and Exhibition Possibilities: Part I.

Today I had a tutorial to discuss my final edit and make sure that I wasn’t going in the wrong direction. I ended up discussing plans for mounting and what I want to do with my wall. My lecturer took a photograph with my phone and told me to use it for my blog, so I will. IMG_5758-1Carrying on from that, the contents of my tutorial, I was able to see a sample of Dibond, and I’m leaning strongly towards that. Along with an idea that sprang from someone a few days ago, perhaps I would mount myself using a wooden mount? I’m intrigued by this idea, I wanted to incorporate something of the crofting world into my exhibition, and using wood would reflect traditions. I also talked about which wall I would like, which can’t really be said at this point because everyones work needs to be seen and the idea of ‘what, who, where?’ really needs to be established. But I put my name forward for one of the walls, and I’ve taken a photograph of it and I’ve begun to experiment with my line. The wall goes a long way up so theres a lot of issues with what to do with all that space. So, now that I’ve narrowed it down to 49 for my folio and book, I need to decide what 3-7 I want to use in my exhibition. So, there will be an ‘Editing: Part III’ fairly soon where I will discuss my decisions.



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