Editing: Part III and Mounting: Part III

Today was another very productive day for me I spent most of it in university trying to decide on what photographs I am going to use. By the time we get to the exhibition you may have seen all of the images, but anyway, I had a tutorial with the two of my lecturers we discussed my edit for the wall and how I would display it. I will do another post about the wall display.

I printed a couple more of my prints onto A3 today which has helped me to dislike more of my photographs because of the dull days on which I was shooting some of the photographs are not 100% sharp which is a bit disappointing. I am going home for a week at Easter, so, if I talk to the local crofters again perhaps I can do a second visit, and get a couple more shots for the exhibition before time runs out.




Today I also tested my image onto A2, and I have learnt that I will have to be very careful with which images I choose. The bigger I go the more mistakes I notice, so I think A2 is the size Im going to stick with. There was also an incident with the printer it chopped the first full A2 print in half.

IMG_6126Finally for today, is (at the top of my page) a rough idea for a wall design. and then below that, sizes and prices for different mounting options. depending on the size I go for depends on the wall and amount of prints I get, I keep planning things for my dream wall, but I also need to plan for the other walls as well.


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