Muinntir an Àite: Part I (Creating Longer Works).

Muinntir an Àite (Pronounced: moo-in-chir an ah-che) is Scots Gaelic for Local People or Inhabitants, and this is the working title for the body of work currently in two parts one about fishing and one about crofting, both accidentally about me. In an effort to help me come to a close on this work and create a more substantial body of work, there are also elements that need redone. Also whilst in university projects have had a top end limit on the of around four months which doesn’t allow the project a lot of time to develop.0R7A1864

I want this body of work to be something that I enjoy showing people, I want to be happy with the work, I want the images to collectively tell the whole story of y home, so over this coming summer and perhaps into the Autumn, I want to capture a more full story of my home.

Having such a large family, most of which live in the area,  I hope to capture each of them in their element, and many others of course. If all goes to plan the length of this project will help me develop as a photographer. I would say that this project started in July of last year with early dissertation research and a small project that touched on some issues about the Highland Clearances.

I will come back to this but when I am able to commit some more time to research or even to the photographs.


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