Editing: Part IV (Testing)

I’m not sure that this is editing as much as it is testing, thus the dual title. Anyway, today I have been busy finalising the final images I want to use on the wall for the exhibition.

IMG_7181These is the test prints that I made today, and over the past few weeks, the sheep which are in the third image up, where the only ones that have really caused me any issues. On my Mac which is slightly blue lit no matter what I do, they looked okay because everything else was already a little blue. Thats sorted now, I have edited it down to 11, and also have an option for only using 9 as well.

This a very rewarding process, a few people have said that I am perhaps over testing and being too precarious but I kind of enjoy it. The printing process is something I have always enjoyed, and testing is a part that I have only recently realised the importance of. Getting my 3400 images down to 11 for the wall was a fairly stressful process but now its over I’m happy that I took this many images and if I think I will take more images again for this project.

I will talk about post uni and continuing with this project in the next post.


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