Finding Out What I Want To Do: Part III and Networking: Part I.

So, as you may have noticed by now I am not making any headway on what I want to do Post Uni. There appears to be a lot of pressure on us to know what we want to do and be acting upon it already, and to be big in the art photography circle (which is becoming ever more apparently small) I really should be contacting every gallery and person I possibly can.

I am still persistent in my emails to Malcolm Dickson of Street Level in Glasgow, I got very close to being able to go up and show him my work and then he was too busy to see me. In fact earlier this evening I emailed him again, I hope to get a response soon, he often replies better in the evening (a helpful tip if you’re thinking of contacting him yourself).

This still doesn’t answer the question of what I want to do with my life.

This brings me around to networking, and though I can write semi-confidently to a bunch of strangers, I don’t have a lot of confidence approaching people in groups. I’m fine with presentations everyone is obliged to listen, but if you approach someone then its very difficult for me to feel comfortable. I will make another post about networking, looking more closely at opportunities I could get myself.


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