Book Design: Part II. (More Details)

I fear that perhaps in my last post about Iris’ exhibition catalogue I just fired through and didn’t really talk about it very much. Not that I have a lot to say, other than that I designed it?

First off I could tell you where we are getting it printed, which is Reeds in Penrith (around ten minutes on the train) they print using plates, which will hopefully make for a beautiful end product.

I was slightly worried when my image was chosen because its of sheep and we are in Cumbria. I didn’t want people to look at it and just see some Uni in the North being obsessed by rurality, but was comforted by some fellow students that its probably abstract enough that people won’t make the connection.

We also looked through last years catalogue and they had a lot of colourful dots about the place and lines and it all looked a bit busy. So, we went for a more simple plain look for the main pages which you can see in the first ‘Book Design’ post.

The Networking post I spoke of will be up maybe two of three from now.


One thought on “Book Design: Part II. (More Details)”

  1. I’m enjoying your updates Ruaridh, I expect every day these days has its deadline but I expect you will keep your cool under pressure ;0)

    Looking forward to the end result! Cheers Val


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