Finding Out What I Want To Do: Part IV (Son of a Fisherman) and Networking: Part II.

There is a lot of pressure on me, and I’m sure every other student out there, to be out of uni and into a job within 6 months. Maybe longer than this in some cases, and I know I’m going to start sounding like a broken record but, I don’t know what I want to do, and so I’ve spoken to my father, whom owns two fishing boats in the Hebrides and I am hopefully going to learn his trade.

Perhaps this doesn’t seem to follow directly with my degree but its a job and at this point in my life I’ve been in education for more than 3/4’s of my life, the freedom of a job like this would hopefully give me time to think. This blog is about looking forward into what lies beyond university for me, and so thats what I am doing, as of now, I guess, I know what I want to do.

Do you know what I would like to do? I would like to look at any existing creative networks on the West coast of Scotland, see how good they are, and see why they aren’t reaching out more if they do exist. I have some creative connections there already and the creative networks in Scotland are small, and the photography networks perhaps even smaller.

Edit: Since around June last year I have been in touch with an old art teacher of mine, she knows a lot of people on the west coast and throughout the Scottish art communities. I’m sure a good connection to have.


One thought on “Finding Out What I Want To Do: Part IV (Son of a Fisherman) and Networking: Part II.”

  1. Hi Roo

    Keep checking on Arty Types on FBI. There’s imminent progress with plans for old Rockfield school. I’m also sharing any creative opportunities that I become aware of. My guess (from much experience ;0) is that you will probably have to compromise & combine your photography & other more lucrative employment opportunities. Along with that you can just continue to “be a nuisance” to your old art teachers ;0) !!

    All the best V


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