Iceland: Part II. (Huldufólk & the Landvættir)

Just before we start I had to tell my dad not to read these most recent posts because of my foul language.

A little late on this one but I came to the conclusion shortly after getting back from Iceland, months ago, that I cannot draw. With this conclusion drawn, I tried to get one of my uni friends to do it, but the last month or so of uni was a bit hectic. Long story short, I have asked one of my friends from high school who has crazy drawing skills.

Ryan is doing … aw fuck … I just text him for the exact name, it’s visual communication but we can call him an illustrator. Anyway, I have kind of abandoned the idea of Huldufólk as I’m not sure how that would work, I am however going forward with the Landvættir (the Gaurdians) and Ryan is going to do the drawing for me. He is in college though so it may be another wee while before we get to a finished result.

Quick recap of my Iceland trip?

I’m gonna screenshot some Instagram’s, two minutes… confession, I was trying to pick two or three but..


Sorry for people that have already seen that.

Any way, where was I… yes yes, Ry is helping me to bring this project forward at last. He started to do some drawings for me which I will add in below. We still have a lot to look at because this is just one of four giant animals that guard Iceland. Being in Iceland I realised how little I know about my own country, pretty much all Icelandic people are multilingual and know so much about their own history. One other thing is that their language is so unchanged they can pick up thousand year old texts and be able to have a good go at reading them. I wouldn’t even think about that.


Thats all for now,



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