The Photography Club. Part: I

Recently I have become a member of a photography club, they have been around for a couple of years and last year they did an exhibition to raise money for charity. Since I have joined there has been 2 assignments that take roughly a month to complete. The first being ‘Colour’ and the second was ‘Nightmare’ we are a day away from the end of my assignment idea ‘Photographers’.

The first one which was ‘Colour’ was and interesting start with some really interesting outcomes, here’s one of the outcomes ‘Blue’: Azure by Andreas Eliassen:Andreas - Azure-Watermarked

And the second image here is from ‘Nightmare’: I am my own Worst Nightmare by Adam Taylor:

Adam - I'm my own worst nightmare-Watermarked

And as always at least one from myself from the most recent project ‘Photographers’: ‘William Eggleston’ by Ruaridh Cameron:


It’s great to be a part of something like this to keep me taking photographs and enjoying the editing process. I’ll talk more about the Photography Club in the future, and I think I’m gonna talk about my old fishing project next week, anyway, until next time its been lovely.



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