A photograph that didn’t make the cut: Part I

You probably wont know this, or maybe you do, I tend to take a lot of photographs when I’m doing a project. Most photographers do and I often end up with photographs that don’t quite relate into the projects properly; sometimes they can be photographs that I actually like and want to use.

What I’m doing now is using them to create a post.


I took this photograph whilst taking photographs for a project this time last year, I’m really happy with the colours and the only reason it wasn’t used is… I can’t even remember, and now that I think about it it fits pretty well.

News, I’m going to be concentrating on continuing an old project about my grandmother, I now possess all on the photographs she had in her house. I’m slowly working my way through them and scanning them in. I’m going to be sharing some of the progress I’m making in that as I go. Sharing some stories about her and maybe things that I’m finding out. This might be all that the next few posts contain, apologies if thats not interesting to you but it is really just a way to keep me focussed on the blog and the project.

I might try and put in other things about what I’m doing/have done, commercial-ish work.

Until next time,



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