Working with Other Professionals: Part II

Since moving to Glasgow I have reconnected with some high school friends, that makes me sound old or even like I’m trying to sounds old, all I’m saying is that I lost touch with them after high school and now we speak. With Simone I have done a couple of collaborations, helping her with the photography for her college work.

The first one was shot in the Riverside museum in Glasgow, following the style of Casablanca. I really enjoyed being in the museum taking these photographs and trying out something completely different from what I’m used to, first of all, faces and second, actually trying to direct people.


Obviously all credit for make up and costume goes to Simone, I also helped photograph another of her projects more recently I will share more information on the more recent work very soon


A photograph that didn’t make the cut: Part I

You probably wont know this, or maybe you do, I tend to take a lot of photographs when I’m doing a project. Most photographers do and I often end up with photographs that don’t quite relate into the projects properly; sometimes they can be photographs that I actually like and want to use.

What I’m doing now is using them to create a post.


I took this photograph whilst taking photographs for a project this time last year, I’m really happy with the colours and the only reason it wasn’t used is… I can’t even remember, and now that I think about it it fits pretty well.

News, I’m going to be concentrating on continuing an old project about my grandmother, I now possess all on the photographs she had in her house. I’m slowly working my way through them and scanning them in. I’m going to be sharing some of the progress I’m making in that as I go. Sharing some stories about her and maybe things that I’m finding out. This might be all that the next few posts contain, apologies if thats not interesting to you but it is really just a way to keep me focussed on the blog and the project.

I might try and put in other things about what I’m doing/have done, commercial-ish work.

Until next time,


The Photography Club. Part: I

Recently I have become a member of a photography club, they have been around for a couple of years and last year they did an exhibition to raise money for charity. Since I have joined there has been 2 assignments that take roughly a month to complete. The first being ‘Colour’ and the second was ‘Nightmare’ we are a day away from the end of my assignment idea ‘Photographers’.

The first one which was ‘Colour’ was and interesting start with some really interesting outcomes, here’s one of the outcomes ‘Blue’: Azure by Andreas Eliassen:Andreas - Azure-Watermarked

And the second image here is from ‘Nightmare’: I am my own Worst Nightmare by Adam Taylor:

Adam - I'm my own worst nightmare-Watermarked

And as always at least one from myself from the most recent project ‘Photographers’: ‘William Eggleston’ by Ruaridh Cameron:


It’s great to be a part of something like this to keep me taking photographs and enjoying the editing process. I’ll talk more about the Photography Club in the future, and I think I’m gonna talk about my old fishing project next week, anyway, until next time its been lovely.


Iceland: Part II. (Huldufólk & the Landvættir)

Just before we start I had to tell my dad not to read these most recent posts because of my foul language.

A little late on this one but I came to the conclusion shortly after getting back from Iceland, months ago, that I cannot draw. With this conclusion drawn, I tried to get one of my uni friends to do it, but the last month or so of uni was a bit hectic. Long story short, I have asked one of my friends from high school who has crazy drawing skills.

Ryan is doing … aw fuck … I just text him for the exact name, it’s visual communication but we can call him an illustrator. Anyway, I have kind of abandoned the idea of Huldufólk as I’m not sure how that would work, I am however going forward with the Landvættir (the Gaurdians) and Ryan is going to do the drawing for me. He is in college though so it may be another wee while before we get to a finished result.

Quick recap of my Iceland trip?

I’m gonna screenshot some Instagram’s, two minutes… confession, I was trying to pick two or three but..


Sorry for people that have already seen that.

Any way, where was I… yes yes, Ry is helping me to bring this project forward at last. He started to do some drawings for me which I will add in below. We still have a lot to look at because this is just one of four giant animals that guard Iceland. Being in Iceland I realised how little I know about my own country, pretty much all Icelandic people are multilingual and know so much about their own history. One other thing is that their language is so unchanged they can pick up thousand year old texts and be able to have a good go at reading them. I wouldn’t even think about that.


Thats all for now,


FMP (Final Major Project).

Well, this is my last semester at university and so comes the final project, My project will be following on from a previous project and expanding upon it. The title for both projects together is ‘Muinntir an Àite’ which means ‘[The] Local People’ in Scots Gaelic, the first part which is already completed is called ‘Eisg is Dèosail’ which means ‘Fish and Diesel’  and this looked at the fishing industry on the Ross of Mull in the Hebrides. The second part ‘ ’S e Croitears a th’ Annainn’ (We are Crofters).

This part will look at crofting and the history of it. The history of crofting is still clearly visible in the ruins of the black houses and and the droving tracks that scar the landscape of the Hebrides.  I am also looking at some of the traditional uses for the land and what it has to offer. I am currently at home shooting for this project but today is far from an ideal day for heading out so catching up on a bit of editing. The first image below is a slight modernisation of the wool working in the Hebrides. All of the wool work would have traditionally been done in the township but now only a few steps of the job are done on location.


The next image is the start of a series of portraits that I am doing for this work, I have attempted portraits previously but they ended up looking far different from the rest of my work. So for this dos of work I am trying to approach the portraits with the same sensibility as everything else. Hopefully I can build up the portraits as so far I haven’t done many.