Video Documentation: Part II (Only Some Footage My Own) and Iceland: Part II

If you have read a previous post you will know I was going to be visiting Iceland, and while there with a Graphics friend (Connor Palomino whom I worked with on my first post here on this blog) I took a lot of photographs but I also did some video. I am really beginning to enjoy the way that video looks, I will definitely consider it to compliment my work the the future.

This video only contains some of my footage but I wanted to share it with you as I will soon be sharing my project about the Guardians of Iceland. For now any way, you can just bask in the glory of how tourist-y we were.


Book Design: Part I

Today I am in the process of designing and putting together the book for our exhibition. I would like to share with you just a few screen shots of what I’m up to so perhaps there won’t be a lot to say but I’ll just get on with it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 14.19.32This is the front cover for which we had a competition to have your photograph on the front, and it was a very close vote. I have also designed the inside cover, which is simple but quite striking.

Untitled-1Finally I will give you a preview of the page design for our work and statement, I have enjoyed the process of designing the book. It has its stressful times but if pressure does’t make you work better what will?

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 14.15.18

Web Design: Part II (The Exhibiton)

We wanted to make a simple and easy to use website for our exhibition and so that we did, its all quite boxy and everything is plain.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.52.53


Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.53.18


Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.53.08 copy

Currently it is in need of a few updates, because when the deadline for having images to Caitlin Boak, Ffion Scott and myself came around not everyone had sent us images. If you could take just a couple of minutes to go and have a look at some of our work we would all be very grateful.

Mounting: Part II

Today we had hours of information, looking toward the mounting and framing process, and something came up that I had never thought about doing because (as my lecturer said) borders are something of a convention.  With the right images a ‘full bleed’ could really have a positive change, it could help the series to flow or it could even open the images out and make them feel more open. The nature of my photographs could be opened up by this change, this tightly cropped image can suddenly breath and become an immersive experience. I will come back with more on my final edit and the ‘full bleed’ in the next couple over weeks, if everything goes to plan.


Getting onto the main topic of the post mounting, today we were shown a variety of different ways to mount our photography on to, Dibond being my personal favourite, the rigidity of the mounting material for me is the first positive, then it has a very sleek look form the side, the second positive. Its first major downfall however, its cost. It is nearly double the price of the next cheapest material on the list.

The other material that was an early favourite with everyone, was the 5mm black foamex, it is also pretty sturdy and has a very sleek look from the side, but printing on thick paper, as I may well do, might look odd when viewing the edges.

Another part of of today was seeing paper sizes in all their glory, you can be told them, look them up even imagine them but until you see them labeled in front of you you can’t know. B0 very large, A0 also very large, A1 however, that may be large but I think that it is a manageable size. Below our very own Hal holds up an example of B0. Below that again is Kayleigh holding up an A2 print to see how many we can fit into the default exhibition space.



Co-creation and Professionalisms.

To create the degree show we have been given different jobs and along with Caitlin Boak, I created the logo for Iris; Caitlin and I co-created the first version (with her doing most of the work) this original was plain and was used very early on in the creation of our fundraising etc. after some discussion we as a group decided to add some colour and refresh the logo, I worked on this and used social media to ask the rest of the group for ideas and we have ended up with the logo you see below.

Iris smaller

I hope that this renewal of the logo won’t have people forgetting who we are and with only a small alteration from the original I don’t think it does. Once this was created we could finally get on with creating flyers and posters, I have created the design for the card we have kept to our new blue logo style. After completing the very simplistic design I worked with Thomas Kiernan (a Graphic Designer also at our university) to work out any bugs within the card itself, he advised some neatened text and that the email and web address should be within the blue at the bottom and here we are.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 16.29.52

We have a craft fair on Sunday and we shall begin handing out cards there hopefully everyone gets the information they need.

Working with Other Professionals.

I have been doing some work with a Design friend of mine. We wanted to work together to expand portfolios, and to work with people outside our profession, designers and photographers have to work closely in studios etc. so why not start now. We decided to do a Vinyl cover as it could showcase both of our skill sets. This has also taken me back to the studio to do a portrait shoot, another thing to add to my portfolio or CV. Deciding upon the band CHURCHES because looking at their current covers and their music inspired some ideas for us. After the shoot we quickly decided to create the I worked closely with him and he treated my work with as much respect as I would myself. This also prepared me to have my photographs handled by someone else which seems unnatural, especially after being the only one to handle my photographs in the past. I hope to work with a designer again or perhaps anyone that can help to expand my knowledge of the professional world before it is upon me. Here is one of the photographs and one of the designs from this work.